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Always Cautious about Fake Doctor

Every mother who is pregnant, definitely want the best for their children. All things will be well prepared and cooked in order for the sake of the baby. One of them is health. Maternal and child health when pregnancy is very important. Every pregnant mother’s womb is advisable to check periodically to gynecologist’s right. But now a lot of cases of fake doctors who are around us.

Today Prayogo (56) and Lucia Sudiarti (48) are a married couple who pursue science paranormal. This ideal cannot be realized due to many factors so that they become dark eyes and blind. The pair without thinking then opened a fake doctor’s office just because of personal obsession. Unmitigated, this practice their false guise of an obstetrician. For some reasons, they are doing this without thinking of the safety of patients and the feelings of the mother.

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There are rumors that this couple is also selling a different type of service. They falsify public documents in exchange for cash. They use doctor’s note templates from different hospitals, copy it in their machine and printing tons of copy that were sold to people. Make your own doctor’s note to help you skip work.

Plenty of sources have been producing printable doctor’s excuses. It’s as easy as a few clicks from your computer, therefore not all the sources are proven nor trusted. Reading reviews from previous buyers will help to consider which samples you should purchase. Yes, you should purchase. An effective fake note will not be given for free, besides it will only cost a few dollars. You should be able to afford one. Learn to create your own fake surgeon’s form.

Authorities had discovered that the couple was not only faking their profession but also were issuing some crafted notes that they’ve been selling to employees and students who are looking to¬† get a doctor’s excuse to use. According to their financial records, they have sold out 10,000 notes and earned a massive amount of $ 20,000. They are now facing charges for forging legal documents and might be in prison for a very long time.

Fake doctor’s practice is a lot of interest of patients because they provide care and services for people who want to have children. Some patients who suspect then reported it to the authorities. Thankfully, this time, the couple fake gynecologist has been arrested and the authorities are processing the case. Check out FakeDoctorsExcuse for more details about how you can maximize the use of a doctor’s note.

The number of cases of fake doctor is indeed troubling us. Moreover, if we include one of the prospective mother who was pregnant with his child. Some ways can we can do to avoid fake doctor that could endanger your life. One of the factors that had contributed a lot in speeding up the spread of such documents are the free printable doctor excuses that are available for download on tons of sites in today’s online world.

You won’t have a hard time grabbing a doctor excuse note. It’s all over the place. Ask a friend or anyone who previously used one. Go to a DoctorExcuse story to know the best way on making a fake excuse.

Request Recommendations Family / Friends

when you get the news about your first pregnancy, you may be confused to choose a good gynecologist and fit. Ask for recommendations from family or friends who may have been pregnant and given birth. They must have a good family doctor. Besides these recommendations can prevent your risk of getting fake doctor dangerous.

Nearby Hospital Visit

if you cannot find the right recommendations, then you can come to the General Hospital or Maternity Hospital in the city nearest you Here there will definitely be a trusted doctor you can find. Besides hospital is the safest place to go when you intend to consult your obstetrician.


the number of advertisements and promotions on a cheaper price or treatments that promise the impossible can be made us drool. Do not be easily carried away and select a shortcut. Each treatment requires a process and sometimes takes a long time Always wary when we get an offer of prompt treatment.

In the end, it is we are required to always be cautious and wary of all things. Many parties will continue to exploit our situation for the sake of personal gain. Be careful, women. It’s really hard to filter all of these items and it’s getting harder to control this time. However, not all notes are worthless. Some of those notes, like what is found at, are designed primarily to be fake-proof and will deceive just about anyone.

To avoid falling for fake doctor’s notes, you should know how to spot the difference. I recommend this guided review for your safety. If you know some incidences similar to this, submit your story here. Learn to creat your own fake physicians’ letter.